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Types of Programs Explained

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Academic and Pre-college Enrichment

Students experience a bit of college life as supervised dorm residents. Enrichment can include myriad subjects such as psychology, architecture, business, creative writing, debate, health care, law, sports management, and high tech. Many programs offer hands-on learning in experiential environments.

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Art, Music & Theatre

Students obtain instruction in acting, drawing, film making, musical instruments, painting, photography and more, often from industry professionals who strive to mentor children. A number of programs offer the opportunity to create portfolio pieces which can be used for advanced placement and college applications.


Community Service

Teens serve local communities throughout the world with meaningful volunteer efforts. Experiences cultivate a global perspective and inspire students to seek positive change in their own communities.


Gap Year Programs

Postponing college for a year or a semester or taking time off during college can be a big advantage and can help students be better prepared for college or a career. Gap years are gaining popularity across the globe with the "sky is the limit" on what can be accomplished during the time away from the formal college environment. 


Outdoor Adventure and Wilderness

Teens explore the outdoors with activities such as backpacking, camping, canoeing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, surfing, and white water rafting in destinations nearby to exotic and far reaching.  Many programs teach wilderness, leadership and environmental protection skills. 



Internships offer hands-on experience in a career or field of interest. Company mentors teach and engage the student in meaningful work. Internships also allow teens to begin collecting a network of business contacts for the future. 



Sports Programs

Athletes specialize in their chosen sport or sports and receive intensive instruction and opportunities to compete at a higher or more intense level than available during the school year. Offerings include; golf, tennis, diving, sailing, SCUBA, skiing, soccer, lacrosse, surfing. 


Language & Cultural Immersion

Students are immersed in a language, expand their cultural knowledge and improve fluency through intensive instruction most often by native speakers. Many programs offer the opportunity to live with a host family for an authentic experience.  




Students can explore STEM topics such as 3D design and printing, bioscience, computer science, engineering, geosciences, neuroscience, technology. Some options offer university level STEM research.


Teen Camps

Teen aged campers explore and learn in a traditional camp environment. Teen camps offer advanced instruction and activities to foster independence and leadership skills, develop strong friendships and allow kids to experiment with new skills.  Teens can participate in watersports, adventure activities, land sports, and creative arts in a safe and supportive environment.


Teen Tours & Trips

Teens can travel through the U.S. and all over the world with other teens on fun, well-supervised, active, sightseeing trips with exciting day time activities and interesting and engaging evening entertainment. Kids make friends for life.


Volunteer Opportunities

This is a chance for a student to volunteer with local non-profit agencies in various areas of interest. Give back, feel good, and meet community service requirements. There is no charge to participate in these opportunities.