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ActionQuest and Go Beyond

Established in 1986, ActionQuest provides high quality, expedition-based summer programs for young adults ages 13 through 18. ActionQuest voyages focus on sailing, scuba diving, cultural immersion, marine biology and global exploration – all in a live-aboard environment unlike any other. Through hands-on experiential learning and exceptional global expeditions, ActionQuest challenges young adults with high action, life-changing adventures that promote personal growth, teamwork and leadership.  GoBeyond, ActionQuest's sister program, offers service-learning travel programs to teens ages 14-19, combining community service projects with cultural immersion and outdoor adventure activities. Participants work in collaboration with established local, national, and international service organizations, with programs offered in the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Galapagos & Ecuador, Peru, China, Thailand and India.


American Wanderer Summer Camp


Offers a rare opportunity to explore the Wonders of our National Parks. Every day is a new adventure. Come Explore With Us. If you are 11-17 and want to explore the coolest places on the planet, then join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Pack your gear, our Cabins roll and our Camp moves. We offer 4 distinct 2 week sessions exploring over 34 Parks and their surrounding areas in 8 States. 

Raft the wild Arkansas River, Climb to alpine lakes in the Grand Tetons, Hike down into the Grand Canyon, Explore ghost towns and ancient ruins, Pan for gold in the Black Hills, Hunt for fossils in Wyoming, Float on the Great Salt Lake, Hike the Virgin River in Zion, Map caves by candlelight

Photograph elk, buffalo, antelope, moose or bear in their natural habitat, Get lost in the red canyons of Utah. Sled down sand dunes and summer snow in the Rockies. Moonlit walk to Delicate Arch

Catch the Perseid Meteor Shower.


Appalachian Mountain Club Teen Wilderness Adventures


Now in our 26th season, Teen Wilderness Adventures offers 5-20 day fun, challenging, outdoor trips for youth age 12-18.  Our trips go beyond the ordinary, providing supportive, professional group leadership while teaching valuable wilderness skills and essential life lessons. Our unique approach fosters an appreciation for the environment, helps teens develop confidence, and instills a spirit of adventure.  Trips include one or more outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, and mountain biking-with spectacular destinations in New Hampshire, Maine, and New York. Whether you are new to adventures in the outdoors, or have participated in Teen Wilderness Adventures in the past, we have trips that will be fun, challenging, exciting, and push your limits in the outdoors!

New this year for older teens and young adults: 70-day Conservation and Leadership gap year semester course. 




Over the past 25 years, Broadreach has expanded the horizons of over 17,000 middle school, high school and college students. On 70+ educational adventures in 40+ countries, our students have pursued their interests, unlocking the world, understanding its people and finding themselves along the way. They’ve earned 10,000+ college credits in subjects ranging from marine biology and medicine to Spanish and photography, and more than 33,000+ certifications through hands-on education. They’ve logged over 134,000 community service hours while making the world a better place, and traveled countless miles across oceans, off beaten paths and into ancient cultures. They came alone, but left with 10-12 incredible friends and the knowledge that life’s possibilities are limitless.


Camp Chewonki

Chewonki celebrates the power of unplugging from ordinary life and plunging into the rivers, lakes, mountains, woods, and coastline of Maine and eastern Canada. Find out what's out there-and what's inside of you. Develop your leadership skills. Be part of a small community where you belong and take responsibility for success. If you're looking for challenge, friendship, and a new understanding of yourself and the world, we want to take you outside.


Our friends return to Chewonki summer after summer, developing their skills, their spirit, and their relationships to people and place. On Chewonki Wilderness Trips, each summer is a new adventure but our core values hold constant. Our programming encourages a genuine concern for others, an understanding of the power of integrity, the courage to be your best self, and a genuine curiosity about and care for the natural world. Founded in 1915 by Clarence Allen, Chewonki is an environmental education organization and summer camp located on a 400 acre peninsula reaching out into waters of Montsweag Bay. We inspire transformative growth, teach appreciation and stewardship of the natural world, and challenge people to build thriving, sustainable communities throughout their lives. We hope you join us!



Earthwatch is a citizen science non-profit dedicated to solving the world’s greatest environmental challenges by engaging volunteers on real science expeditions. Choose from over 40 expeditions (and a dozen just for students) to see exotic species and landscapes, explore exclusive research sites, and help our researchers collect data to support their work. From hiking in the Andorran Pyrenees, tracking the impacts of climate change on alpine ecosystems, to swimming with turtles in the Bahamas to study their populations, Earthwatch offers volunteers the chance to “try on” the life of a scientist for one to two weeks, all while contributing to important research in a safe, engaging environment. Our programs include accommodations, food, local transport, and insurance, as well as our decades-old risk management coverage, so you can leave it us to worry about the planning while your student has the experience of a lifetime. We also offer expeditions for adults, families, and teachers!

For 45 years, Earthwatch has been teaming citizens with renowned conservation scientists on field research expeditions to study and protect some of the world’s rarest wildlife and most fragile ecosystems.  Our unique model enables teens to travel the world while contributing directly to our planet’s biggest environmental challenges.  Earthwatch provides an excellent opportunity for teens to volunteer with other young people who share their energy and passion for the environment.  Expeditions range from tracking endangered sea turtles in the Bahamas to researching climate change in the tundra.



Environmental Science Program of Newton

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The Environmental Science Program is a unique summer program that lets students enjoy exploring the wilderness while learning about the science of the environment.  Students have fun hiking, biking, canoeing, and backpacking.  Trips include a 12-mile canoe trip on the Charles River, and expedition through the salt marshes and tidepools of the North Shore, hiking the Blue Hills and Mount Monadnock, and a three-day trip to Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast.  

Students also participate in a hands-on environmental cleanup project, and are encouraged to return and become leaders in subsequent years.

We take up to 35 girls and boys who will be entering grades 7, 8, 9, or 10 in September.  We are based at Bowen Elementary School in Newton.  For more information, contact David Backer, Executive Director at 617-447-9317, or send email to

or see our website,


Global Leadership Adventures


Teen service-learning trips in inspiring communities across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Each GLA program is designed around its destination, showcasing the region’s unique culture and opportunity for adventure.  Students are immersed in local life, engage in meaningful community service, and gain new perspectives through hands-on learning. Our goal is to provide life-changing journeys that cultivate a global perspective, inspiring our students to become leaders who seek positive change in their own communities.


Global Works

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For 28 years, Global Works programs have empowered middle and high school students to be global citizens and to make a positive impact through their travels. Much more than a vacation, Global Works believes in authentic travel and service learning. Our international programs foment opportunities for fun and engaging leadership development and personal growth. Groups collaborate on meaningful and sustainable service projects with our partner communities around the world. Choose from programs that focus on Spanish, French, pre-med & public health, sustainable business, education & the environment, marine biology, and adventure! Our destinations include Costa Rica, Cuba, Fiji Islands, France, Galapagos, Guatemala, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Spain! 


The Experiment in International Living

Since 1932, has provided 3, 4, and 5-week summer abroad programs for high school students who want to connect deeply and engage meaningfully with the richness and complexities of another country. Students are challenged to explore the host country through hands-on experiences in local communities and through the lens of a specific theme.  Programs are designed to equip students not only with essential cultural and, in many cases, language skills, but also with a deeper awareness of and sensitivity to global issues shaping the diverse communities and regions we visit. Each year, hundreds of Experimenters come away from their summer abroad with invaluable new skills, connections, awareness, and knowledge to thrive-and lead-in diverse, intercultural environments.


Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership


Provides extraordinary opportunities to discover what it takes to make a difference in the world - as students, scientists, citizens, and leaders! Sitting 12 miles off the coast of Rockland, ME, this beautiful off-the-grid community is an ideal setting for middle and high school programs in science, sustainability, and leadership. Our hands-on 1-2 week summer programs invite students to immerse themselves in the natural world, challenging them to explore and ask questions like trained naturalists in marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Programs are small (with a maximum of 12 students) and are led by trained field scientists and educators, providing a level of instructor expertise and maturity you won’t find in other summer experiences. No day is complete without hiking, swimming, sailing, or rock climbing. Our goal is to excite people about doing sciencexperiment@experiment.orge and about being leaders in the next wave of scientific discovery and environmental conservation. Come participate in our field science and leadership programs and make memories and friendships that last a lifetime!   *Academic credit may be available and Financial Aid is Available.


Hurricane Island Outward Bound School

The nonprofit Hurricane Island Outward Bound School (HIOBS) is a charter of Outward Bound, the worldwide leader in outdoor, experiential education. Now in its 50th year, HIOBS offers 14- and 22-day wilderness courses for ages 14-18. Whether sailing, backpacking, rock climbing, or canoeing, HIOBS students learn to overcome challenges through leadership and teamwork. Scholarships are available.


Israel Scouts Chetz V’Keshet

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Chetz V'Keshet has been bringing teenagers who finished 9th -12th grade from all over the world to Israel for a 4-week summer program. Our teens experience Israel's culture, heritage, language, and society as they tour the beautiful country. 

We hike, bike, swim and travel all across Israel while learning about its people and rich history. Each participant engages in several volunteer activities and completes 65+ hours of community service during the program. During Gadna week our participants will get to experience hands-on army training and educational activities with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commanders.

 What makes Chetz V'Keshet truly unique is our Israeli participants--25% of our participants are Israelis who are members of the Israeli Tzofim youth movement and are chosen based on their personality and ability to communicate in both English and Hebrew. Our counselors are all Israeli's who are fluent in English, have completed their army services and mastered our intensive training course. 


Maine Teen Camp


A fully elective; 2, 3, 4 or 7 week sleep away camp for teenagers only (13 – 17 years).  MTC takes the best aspects of an American Summer Camp - a true community of peers, space and opportunity for growth, introduction to new skills and people, lack of electronic screens and lots of exposure to nature and the chance to simply be yourself - that are most important for teens; while making the whole experience more approachable for a teenage camper - programming designed with teenage needs and interests in mind, an open and welcoming clique-free social environment, and a diverse and international population. 

MTC is the best choice for a teen looking to change camps, or try camp for the first time. Your camper can feel confident coming to MTC and knowing that they are not the only "new kid", that the activities and schedule are designed JUST for teenagers, and that they will be meeting new friends from across the country and around the world.   Most of our campers come to MTC without knowing anyone else. For a teen looking for a summer of self-growth and independence, this is vital.  All our age groups will have significant numbers of first time campers.  By focusing only on teens, MTC is not diluting its activity offerings, attempting to cater to 9 year olds and 15 year olds as if they were developmental the same. We recognize that adolescence is a unique stage, and account for this in all we do at camp. We offer a strong activity list featuring rock music, a professional level tennis program, waterskiing and wakeboarding,  cooking, and community service (and so much more!)


National Geographic Student Expeditions

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Offers high school and middle school students the opportunity to embark on small group summer programs over the world - focusing on Photography, Wildlife & Conservation, Archaeology & Ancient Culture, Film making, Creative Writing, Community Service, and Climate & Geology. 


New York YMCA Camp


New York YMCA Camp has partnered with the BOLD/GOLD Y of the USA movement in wilderness tripping. Our main focus is allowing our oldest campers, 15 and 16 year-olds, to experience the outdoors with back-country activities. We do this by dividing our time both on our 1,000 acre wooded campus and locally, off-site on the river or trail. The intention behind these activities is to provide opportunities for our young adults to learn both how to lead and about their individual leadership style. We also take time to reflect on issues they may be facing in their own lives and those that may be affecting us on a larger scale. Campers will have the chance to learn or advance their skills related to primitive camping as well. The results are pretty amazing!


Rein Teen Tours

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Offers well-supervised, activity-oriented travel programs for teenagers between 13 and 17 years of age.  All teenagers are placed in co-ed, compatible age groups and each tour consists of 40-50 teenagers.  Trips range in length from 2 to 6 weeks with travel throughout the Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Europe, and Australia & New Zealand. Activities include surfing lessons, whitewater rafting, jet boating, zip-lines, off road jeep trips, snorkeling, summer snow skiing and snow-tubing, a hands-on experience with dolphins, hiking in various national parks, and much more!  Every evening is planned with fun and exciting activities including live comedy clubs, laser tag, western rodeo, major league baseball games, campfires, etc.


Rustic Pathways 


Rustic Pathways is the leader in providing superior quality international community service, education, and adventure programs for students. We offer one to three-week spring break and summer experiences, Gap Year programs, and custom group trips. Operating in 18 different countries, our programs cover a range of student interests and activities.  With over 30 years of experience in the field, Rustic Pathways has emerged as the world leader in student travel. What started as one man leading students across the Australian Outback has grown to over 96 programs across 19 countries. Throughout the whole journey, our mission has remained the same: to enrich the lives of our students and staff, benefit the parts of the world we serve, and build cultural bridges that lead to greater global understanding and cooperation. Every summer, thousands of high school students from around the world travel with Rustic Pathways on life changing programs. These students participate in a variety of programs that emphasize community service, education, and adventure. From building a school in an indigenous village in Fiji, to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, to working in an orphanage in Thailand, Rustic Pathways provides empowering experiences for every student. We believe cultural and international exposure are a critical component of any global education, and we pride ourselves in designing unforgettable programs that are safe, inspiring, and affordable.


Sail Caribbean

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Students from 6th thru 12th grade learn sailing, racing and seamanship while living coed with their own age group aboard 50-foot yachts and cruising the British Virgin and Leeward Islands. No prior experience is required. Our focus is on experiential learning, leadership training and personal growth. Scuba certifications, snorkeling, tubing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and island exploration. Marine biology and community service are built into every program. Students earn up to 30 service hours with projects including mentoring local youth and environmental conservation. High school academic credit available.


SMA Teen Summer Camp

A co-ed overnight teen and "tween" summer camp for 60 teenagers ages 12-16 located in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania.  We offer exciting and engaging activities and events everyday including: 

  • Water Sports

  • Adventure Activities

  • Traditional Sports

  • Community Service

  • Creative Arts

Our teen “tween” campers learn new skills, gain self confidence, make strong friendships and become members of our strong, value centered summer community.  Things that make SMA Teen Camp unique are:

  • Young Teen Focused Activities

  • Choose Your Own Activities Everyday

  • Adventures and Camping Overnights Out of Camp

  • Campers increase self confidence and independence

As with many aspects of teenagers lives our camp is also a very social place and we work hard to model and encourage positive relationships, create community in an authentic way, stop cliques from developing, and take away many of the traditional pressures that teens feel in school.   The result is that campers feel a new found freedom to explore who they truly are while at the same time feeling like they have a new “home away from home” at Stone Mountain Adventures.


Sustainable Summer

Sustainable Summer prepares teens to become environmental leaders through transformational summer experiences. Environmental leadership academies at Dartmouth College (NH) and the Pratt Institute (NYC). Global Learning Adventures to Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador and the Galapagos, and India.

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Travel for Teens


Features choice in what you do, see, and experience. More than 50 programs covering more than 35 countries on 4 continents. In Europe, Southern Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, and the US, visit mainstream attractions while offering the opportunity to explore the culture from a less "touristy" perspective. interact with our host cultures, taking cooking and dance lessons, performing valuable service work to help local communities, and conversing with the people who live in the places we journey to, and understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.  Travel for Teens believes travel should be more than a tourist's journey.  With an emphasis on doing and feeling, in addition to seeing, our unique programs create global citizens.  Through our service, adventure, language, photography, and cultural immersion trips we take students in grades 7-12 and turn them into travelers, not tourists. 



Offers teen tours, community service, pre-college enrichment, language programs, global adventures, baseball tours, and fashion experiences. Programs in Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador & Galapagos, Europe, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam & the USA.  Programs ranging from 8-40 days for ages 13-18 grouped compatibly by age; with separate ON TOUR programs for teens completing 11th & 12th grades offering more independence.

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Where There Be DragonS

Contact Us: 303.413.0822

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Dragons has been facilitating authentic cultural immersion  in Asia, Africa, and Latin America for over 25-years. Our Summer Abroad, Gap Year, and College Study Abroad programs take small student groups to remote communities with the best educators in the industry to ensure personalized mentorship and meaningful engagement. Each program is custom-crafted with 9 program components  including homestay, language study, and service learning. Our goal is to help participants develop the self-awareness and cross-cultural competencies to be active participants in the world.


World Ocean School's Summer Ambassador Program


In Summer 2018, students ages 12-16 will set sail for the Long Island Sound for ten days—expanding their perspective of the world, immersing themselves in and contributing to different cultures, and building a community aboard the historic landmark schooner Roseway. During their expedition at sea, students learn seamanship and navigation skills as they operate and maintain the 137-foot schooner that is their home.



For more than 30 years, YMCA Camp Burgess & Hayward’s Adventure Trips program has provided teens (ages 12-17) the opportunity to try new activities, make lifelong friends, and have fun!  We offer one- and two-week sessions starting at our base camp on Cape Cod.  Our trips have a variety of focuses, from biking on Nantucket to camping in the White Mountains.  We also offer surfing and scuba diving trips on Cape Cod, and “variety pack” trips for campers who want to try it all!  We make sure to take advantage of all the best parts of summer on Cape Cod.  All of our trips occur in supportive small group environments, where campers have the opportunity to learn valuable skills, move outside their comfort zones, and gain confidence. We work hard to keep our trips affordable for all families, and financial aid is available.


Zeal Adventure and Travel


Specializes in teen summer travel, community service, and personal development. Our adventures to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada offer teens the opportunity to experience adventures that are exciting, challenging, and unique. Because of our small travel groups and highly experienced trip leaders, our trips include activities that are otherwise impossible to have on a teen adventure trip. Zeal isn’t just a travel program, it’s travel with a purpose. Zeal participants complete impactful community service that truly makes a difference in the communities they visit. What’s more, we offer a year round mentorship program for interested Zeal participants. Gain skills and experiences to create powerful initiatives in your home community. With Zeal, every day is an adventure!