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Teen Summer Expos is a circuit of free events in MA, NY, and NJ that provide students and parents with the opportunity for face-to-face conversations with the directors of reputable summer enrichment programs.  Teens can explore local and world-wide opportunities in community service, academic enrichment, wilderness and adventure travel, language immersion, the arts, sports, leadership, internships, STEM, teen tours and gap year programs. Parents can efficiently get answers to questions about programming, housing, safety, supervision, and costs, and choose the best program for their child.   


2020 expo series


Welcome to Teen Summer Expos

Avoid endless online searches and get answers to specific questions about programming, housing, safety, supervision, group dynamics, and costs directly from the people running the programs.  Make the most of the precious summers before college and learn about safe and meaningful opportunities for unique cultural engagement, experiential learning, inspiration, education and adventure, locally and throughout the world. Explore our programs.

You will be amazed at the richness and variety of today's opportunities for teenagers!  


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Summer programs allow teens to explore their interests more deeply, learn through experience, discover or nurture a passion, hone important life skills and make new friends. Sharing these meaningful experiences alongside people with similar interests fosters lifelong bonds and can change a teenager's life.