Earthwatch is a citizen science non-profit dedicated to solving the world’s greatest environmental challenges by engaging volunteers on real science expeditions. Choose from over 40 expeditions (and a dozen just for students) to see exotic species and landscapes, explore exclusive research sites, and help our researchers collect data to support their work. From hiking in the Andorran Pyrenees, tracking the impacts of climate change on alpine ecosystems, to swimming with turtles in the Bahamas to study their populations, Earthwatch offers volunteers the chance to “try on” the life of a scientist for one to two weeks, all while contributing to important research in a safe, engaging environment. Our programs include accommodations, food, local transport, and insurance, as well as our decades-old risk management coverage, so you can leave it us to worry about the planning while your student has the experience of a lifetime. We also offer expeditions for adults, families, and teachers!


Mayor’s Summer High School Internship Program


The goal of the Mayor’s Summer High School Internship Program is to serve as a stepping stone and hands-on learning experience for young adults in the community. Our program provides on-the-job experience and exposure to the world of work, particularly in the STEM industries. We also provide an enriching, weekly skill-building workshop led by the youth services department where students learn workforce communication, resume writing, interview skills, and more.

While the internship program is open to all, we are seeking to provide opportunity to disconnected youth, including those who are struggling academically, students of color, first generation college students, and those from low income families. To be eligible, students must be between the ages of 14-18, and either attend a Newton school or live in the City of Newton. Our program is unique in that we provide students with an exceptional internship experience in a local business, startup, non-profit, or other organization at no cost to them. We also help to reduce barriers to participation by using grant funding to aid with stipends and transportation to and from the workplace. Nearly 100 students completed internships in the summer of 2017, and are hoping to the same number of spots available for the summer of 2018.  For more information, visit



Summit Camp, Travel, and Weekender Programs offer unique opportunities for our teens with social and learning challenges, ADHD, LD, and ASD/HFA. Our summer camp teen program focuses on providing a vocational and recreational program- something of a “CIT” version of camp that is appropriate for youth that need some extra support! Summit teen travel provides organized, structured, and well supported itineraries that take our teens wonderful places here and abroad. Summit Weekenders in the NYC and DC areas are a great “youth retreat” style outings that takes place for teens during the school year- a quick Friday-Sunday adventure with peers that offer the type and level of support our teens need: a 5:1 staff ratio with a structured itinerary and trained staff.